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Scholarship Opportunities

Each year several local organizations or individuals provide scholarship opportunities for graduating BCHS seniors. On average, the local Bacon County/Alma area provides over $20,000 in scholarships to each graduating class. Scholarship applications are made available to the senior class in late October.  Students should look for the scholarship announcements and/or applications on their senior class google classroom.  Scholarship applications will be due at the end of January. Additional scholarship opportunities may become available from organizations in our region. If additional scholarship opportunities become available, a second round of scholarships will be posted on the senior google classroom. 

Collegebound students should begin working on their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in October. Students may request the assistance of Mrs. Juan Johnson from Concerted Services to navigate the FAFSA process. To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Juan Johnson, please see the guidance office. To find more information on the FAFSA visit, 

The STAR student is awarded annually to a senior that has the highest SAT score within the top 10% of the graduating class.  The STAR student selects the STAR teacher. The student is awarded a scholarship through the local Lions Club.