Mr. David Swanson is March Heart of Service Award Recipient

Mr. David Swanson has been named the Heart of Service Award recipient for the month of March. Swanson was chosen by Mr. Sky Kaeck (February recipient). Kaeck said the following about why he selected Mr. Swanson for this honor:
To get started, it's a privilege that I get to pass this award along, as I do so with a sense of gratitude. It is said that a servant's heart is made up of who you are and how you feel. It's a combination of character and attitude that lends itself to serving others. People serving, not self-serving. I have chosen this recipient today to receive this award due to their embodiment of selflessness, dedication, and unwavering commitment to others. This individual has changed and impacted numerous lives across this school building, this community, and this country.

This person's dedication to these students is truly inspiring. He goes above and beyond to ensure that students not only learn but also feel valued and supported. His passion and enthusiasm is contagious. He goes the extra mile with setting up and planning many instructional activities which include those that involve jumping out of windows or getting into the trenches of WW1. This man wears many hats, both literally and figuratively, such as husband, father, teacher, FCA leader, raider rally MC, and even major. As for the literal part, I can honestly say I never pictured an army ranger wearing numerous historical getups over a semester to entertain teenagers or playing some of the ridiculous music that he blasts down the hallway, particularly on Fridays. That's just part of his creative and innovative ways to engage students and make learning enjoyable and meaningful. His classroom provides students not only with knowledge but also leaves them with tons of experiences that will last a lifetime. Whether it be by waving flags, starting up chants, or just pumping up those around him, this person can also be found supporting students at various athletic events and competitions throughout the school year. He can often be seen participating in various events around town or just showing up as a sign of his support and activity within his community. This guy is always willing to lend a hand to help those in need and be a leader, voice, or listening ear for those around him. 
I came into this school at the same time as this individual. We've collaborated, grown, learned, and even made a fool of ourselves for the entertainment of these kids on this journey as educators for the last four years. Education is student-centered, and this man's classroom embodies that. It will most definitely not be the same next year with this man not around, and his absence will surely be noticeable as he serves his country. There are numerous titles that I can call this man such as coworker, department member, history buff, and fellow PBIS rally entertainer. Unfortunately, he does happen to be an Oklahoma Sooners fan, so we try not to mention that part much, but most importantly I call this man a friend, and now I can call David Swanson a Heart of Service Award recipient.